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Why Can’t I Just Run a Few PPCs?

I just gave a talk to a group of marketing professionals and students about the “7 Deadly Sins of Web Marketing.” The reason I started giving this talk is because a lot of people assume that the best way to run a web marketing program is to set up a few pay per click ads […]

Free New Product Editor

This recommendation comes to us from our good friend Rich Merrit, Manager of Marketing Communications at Moore Industries-International. I’ve discovered that puts news releases on its web site almost immediately. If I send one in the morning, it’s usually live on the site by about 2pm. Therefore, what I have been doing lately is […]

Mixing Marketing and Politics

We recently included an “outside reading” recommendation in our e-newsletter about Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Alright, technically it’s not reading, but it’s definitely non-marketing. One reader asked us why we included this politically hot piece. As Editor in Chief, I take full responsibility. Here’s my reasoning: – First, several of our employees thought […]

Google Still Leads the Pack

This just in from Nielsen//NetRatings. An estimated 3.9 billion search queries were conducted at Google Search in January [2007], representing nearly 54% of all search queries conducted that month. Yahoo! Search followed with 22.7%, and finally MSN/Windows Live Search rounded out the top three with 8.9%. The rest of the top 5 included AOL Search […]