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When Do We Declare Victory for Branding ?

In a recent article on B2B Marketing Online, a panel discussion at an Association of National Advertisers (ANA) event was highlighted:  “B-to-B marketers should lose marketing speak”.  To read the brief article, click here.  The title caught my eye because I often wonder if sometimes we do too much talking amongst ourselves.   However, as I […]

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Marketing

My family and I are in Britain for the week. As soon as I hit Heathrow Airport, I was shocked by the number of marketing messages that abounded. Every nook and cranny is filled with a logo or a branding message or a blatant advertisement. There is so much, it’s too much. You quickly shut […]

The Importance of Findability

Markets are conversations and those conversations have changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet. Human information interaction is no longer simply about retrieving data. People exchange goods, services, ideas, and values in an intricate dance of push and pull. And we in marketing must fully embrace both push and pull approaches that utilize the […]