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More PPC Advertising Top Mistakes

Pay per click advertising on search engines and vertical web sites seems obviously easy. Bid your way to the top and you’re rolling in inquiries. Right? Wrong. Here are some of the more common mistakes advertisers make. (Yes, these are in addition to the warnings we issued earlier this month ­čÖé – Running single word […]

Email Signatures: Marketing Tool or Annoyance?

In a Wall St. Journal article called “The Rise of MeMail“, it discussed the emergence of personalized signature blocks and the rise of integrated graphics, images, and such in email signature sign-offs.┬á While on one hand they┬ácan be cute and funny, how memorable are they?┬á And how useful is an email signature?┬á What is the […]

Fine-Tuning Your Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click ad campaigns are more complex than most people realize. It’s easy to type in a big list of broad based keyword phrases, bid your way to the top, then let the campaign run. If this is how you handle your PPC’s, I can guarantee two things: you’re paying too much for a […]