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Sales Psychology

Just ran across a shortened version of the sales psychology methodology that can help you adapt your selling style to your customer’s personality type. This from S&MM Magazine: How to Identify Your Style and the Style of Your Customers Start by identifying your customer’s style: “D” Behavior Demanding, directing and domineering. Individuals with this behavior […]

Google PageRank

Anyone who cares anything about natural search optimization has probably heard about Google’s infamous PageRank system. But you might not realize that there are two different services with the same name. The one that most people know about is Google PageRank, the little item that installs in your Google toolbar and tells you how valuable […]

The Changing Face of Youth Communications

Here’s something interesting. At NI Week in Austin this week, the keynote address was about new ways National Instruments is working on to interact with the college graduates, the kids who are the future generation of decision makers in technology and manufacturing companies. Here’s the problem for marketers — a lot of new college grads […]