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Making It Stick

Just finished reading Made To Stick by the brothers Heath. It’s about how to make our communications stickier. For those of your who haven’t read it yet, here are the cliff notes: To make your ideas sticker: (1) Identify the central message you need to communicate — find the core. (2) Get someone’s attention by […]

Even Boomers Use Text Messaging

I thought it was just me. And that’s only because I have a teenage daughter who would rather text than talk on the phone. My husband still thinks it’s funny when he sees me texting. I’m not as fast as my daughter, but I’m not half bad, either. Now this just in from eMarketer. Turns […]

The Gray Lady Succumbs to Promise of Search Engines

Here’s a big shakeup in the world of print media. The New York Times announced that as of today they are doing away with subscription access to their web site. Apparently the $10 million in revenue from online subscriptions pales in comparison to the ad revenue they can garner from more viewers. Most people these […]

Apple’s Latest PR Coup

Once again, Apple’s PR team managed to save Steve Jobs hindquarters. Here’s how events unfolded. Last week, after only 8 weeks on the market, Jobs lowered the price of the iPhone from $599 to $399. For those of us who haven’t gotten around to purchasing one yet, that’s a strong incentive to suck it up […]