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Hip-Hop Pop-Up Advertising

Our biggest problem with advertising when we were kids was the sugar-coated cereal that was paraded in front of us until we begged our parents to buy it. Our kids are growing up in a different world. The price of the teaser goods has gone up, way up. For example, hip-hop music will be promoting […]

Avoiding Email Chaos

I stumbled over an interesting article about how companies manage their outbound email communications to their customers, partners, etc.  I was surprised to read how many companies manage this effort in a decentralized fashion.  “Some 24% of executives surveyed said six or more departments manage their e-mail messaging activities separately.”  Six or more departments?  Good […]

Facebook Takes Some Hits on Advertising

I shouldn’t be surprised. When a company is growing by leaps and bounds there are bound to be detractors. Facebook has recently taken some hits in both the IT and financial press. The Times Online, London, had this to say in an article about Facebook’s push for revenue via advertising: Facebook plans to escalate its […]

Videos from ISA Marketing & Sales Summit 2007

In September 2007, sales & marketing executives from across the automation industry gathered in Chicago for 2.5 days of presentations, roundtables, and 1:1’s about how to meet the challenges of finding and closing customer accounts in the 21st century. View videos from two of the sessions. We’ll let you know when more are available. MARKETING […]