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Web Site Winners in 2007

An interesting report came out that noted some of the highest growth web sites for 2007.   Google continues to dominatethe search engine market representing 56% of the searches conducted on the Internet. topped visitor growth numbers, followed by Facebook and a few other notables.  Read on… Published today in B2B Online’s Newsletter from a recent […]

Change of Heart at WSJ – Update

Back in early November, we reported on a news item that indicated the WSJ was considering to remove its subscription-fees for online access. See “WSJ to Follow NYT with Free Online Access” for the original note on this. Well, come to find out, WSJ will not go that route completely.  They will retain a subscription-based […]

Online Advertising Market to Reach $50.3B by 2011

Yankee Group just put out a new report about the Online Advertising Market that has staggering numbers called “The Cowboys Dance On… and On: 2007 Online Advertising Forecast”.  Not that $50.3B is a surprising figure, but it is more than double than anticipated for 2007. The facts: The U.S. online advertising market will reach $50.3 […]

How the News Industry Can “Cross the Internet Chasm”

I’m just finishing a fascinating little book called The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. It’s written by John Battelle, co-founding editor of Wired and founder of The Industry Standard (my all-time favorite magazine about the Internet business). John covers a lot of ground in this […]