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PR Disaster for Wireless Medical Devices

We had an interesting experience in this area. When our child was in the hospital on an automatic IV drip, we discovered that using her cell phone to text friends caused the regulator to periodically misfire. Here’s an even scarier look at wireless medical devices from Electronic Design magazine, It’s a terrifying thought—hackers using wireless […]

Affluent Hobnob on Social Networks

New data confirms what we already knew…Facebook is no longer for teenagers (much to the consternation of the teenagers, I’m sure!). A new report from The Luxury Institute shows that the rate of affluent US Internet user participation in online social networks increased a to a whopping 60% in January 2008, from a mere 27% […]

Why the airlines are tanking

Over and above the rising cost of fuel, the airline industry has more than lost its way.  I’m talking about the overall customer experience.  In the last few months of travel, my experiences have been nothing short of terrible.  Late flights, missed connections, no explanations, no help.  Now I understand that stuff happens when traveling […]

PC Magazine Owner, Ziff Davis, Files Chapter 11

I know the Internet has been hard on publications, but I never thought I’d see the day when PC Magazine took such a hit. I remember back in the 1980’s when PC Magazine was the leader in PC pubs, packing in hundreds of pages per issue. Of course, I always had a thing for Byte […]