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Circulation Falls at Top Papers

Newspapers reported lower circulation, again, pretty much across the board. In most cases, this is because of the wealth of information available through online resources. In some cases, the press is taking a beating for no longer reporting “just the facts” (credit to Dragnet). When I was a kid, newspapers did a good job of […]

Google Changes Adwords Domain Policy

Google recently made an important change to the way your PPC ads must be structured. You used to be able to use vanity URLs in the visible portion of the ad that did not match the redirect behind the scenes (the URL of the landing page). That is no longer the case. The domains now […]

ISA Marketing & Sales Summit: Call for Presentations

ISA has issued a Call for Presentations in preparation for the 3rd Annual Marketing & Sales Summit, hosted in Cleveland, Ohio, 17-19 September 2008. Sponsored by the ISA Management Division, ISA’s Marketing and Sales Summit will help marketing and sales executives in the automation markets meet the strategic and tactical challenges of the 21st century. […]

Budgeting the Customer Life Cycle

A few rules of thumb as you create your marketing and sales budgets. Not only do you have to take into account what you’re selling, you also have to consider the stage of the prospect/customer. Customer Acquisition Marketing generates inquiries & qualifies, passes leads to sales for conversion – Budget: 60% direct marketing, 40% sales […]