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Google Gets Into Web Measurement Business

This announcement strikes me as a bit odd. Google, which controls over half of all search traffic, is now going to start telling us what web sites are most used and by which audiences. Certainly Google knows a lot about web sites as their spiders crawl cyberspace ceaselessly. But for them to tell us what […]

Fun Marketing in Politics

Both candidates for president are pushing heavily on the web front. And both are trying to make their sites more engaging, with lots of multimedia, including Barack TV and McCain’s Multimedia Center. Whatever your politics, here’s a great example of how to make marketing fun. This is an electronic game that weaves in Senator John […]

Popcorn anyone?

Hey do you smell popcorn? Here’s another non-marketing thought for a Friday afternoon. I received these YouTube links that made me wonder about the power of cell phones and how it affects us! Enjoy… I bet you’ll think twice next time you answer your mobile phone!

A Must Read Book for All Parents

This is a bit of a departure from our usual marketing topics, but it’s an important issue so I’m going to raise it here. I’m not a doctor, nor a medical researcher. But I am a parent who’s been fighting for the life of my teenage daughter who has now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease […]