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LinkedIn Rakes in Big Bucks to Legitimize Web 2.0 for Business

Thanks to Jim Cahill at Emerson for Twittering this interesting article. Most of the industry networkers I know are on LinkedIn, but it’s not as heavily used as FaceBook or MySpace because it’s “all business.” No cute applications to add in to show people clips of your favorite movies, etc. But they have added a […]

Curious about how Oracle Spends Marketing Dollars?

I’m always curious about how other companies, especially large software companies, plan and spend their marketing dollars. They often see trends faster because they are experimenting with a broader marketing mix than a company with a smaller budget. Oracle’s CMO gave a presenation at a recent BMA conference that described, at an unusual level of […]

The WSJ’s D: All Things Digital Conference

A few interesting tidbits from the Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital annual conference. Unless you’re Dell or Apple Computer, willing to sell to anyone who draws a breath, you tend to avoid advertising venues like television and radio. Their extremely broad reach means you’re throwing marketing dollars away on many viewers/listeners who will […]

Adding Online Video to Your Bag of Tricks

A recent cover story in Information Week, “Make It Your Tube“, highlighted how quickly online videos are proliferating across the Internet. The article had some interesting stats, as well as covered the key points in managing/publishing a streaming video program. Article Stats include: How Often Do You View Video Online? Once/day or more: 34% of […]