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RSS Feeds Gaining Traction

We’ve been exploring some of the tools of Web 2.0 and an interesting article came up about RSS Feeds.  RSS Feeds are a powerful way to build readership and reach an audience directly.  We are starting to see the adoption of RSS feeds across corporate web sites in the automation markets, and we encourage you […]

Ben & Jerry’s New Secret Ingredient?

I just had to share this article. The absurdity of the PETA organization never ceases to amaze me.  Who are the people and who spends time figuring this stuff out? Would you buy Ben & Jerry’s if this were true? This could either be a brilliant marketing opportunity or travesty…  Anything/anyone that would tamper with […]

Social Media at Kodak

This just came across Twitter-land and wanted to share.   It was a good story on how Kodak launched a social medial program.  Even though it’s a consumer play, it’s a good example that may spur an inspiring thought or two. Kodak Clicks With Media Success excerpt: Q: What kind of impact has blogging and social […]

ISA Marketing and Sales Summit Roundup

The 3rd Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit was held last week in downtown Cleveland, and what a week it was!  This event is co-chaired by our very own Shari Worthington and editor of Control Magazine, Walt Boyes.  Thanks to everyone who attended and presented, our events continue to increase in quality and caliber each […]