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Government List on Twitter

Just came across from this on Twitter from @GovExec and @GovTwit , and thought it was an informative list to share. If your business serves the government industry, then you’ll want to check out these folks.  All Twitter handles are included:  GovTwit Directory Good luck!

The Measurability of Marketing ROI

Our November enews article, “The Measurability of Marketing ROI,” started a spirited discussion on Prentis Hall’s Industrial Marketing Practitioner discussion list.

Are you speaking vendor-ese?

The reason I bring this up is from a couple recent experiences with vendors who think they are talking to me, and the reality is I have no idea what they are saying.   Well I do hear the words, but comprehension is low.   I call this vendor-ese where the person I am talking to […]

At the Speed of Tweet

Every day I become more amazed at how fast things are happening.  I just shake my head and wonder.  First over the weekend was the Motrin debacle.  Another botched marketing campaign gone bad.  There are just so many articles out there on what happened to Motrin, here are a few links on it. How Twittering […]