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B2B Marketing Challenges in 2009

Happy New Year from Shari and Juliann and the gang at Telesian. We thank our clients, families, and friends for all your support in 2008. We look forward to wonderful 2009! As 2008 comes to  a close and we think about what lies ahead, there seems to be some mountainous terrain out there.  In tumultuous times, marketing […]

Top Podcasts & Q4 Twittersphere Report

I just ran across a couple of articles that I wanted to share: The first article lists out several podcasters in social media and marketing.   While it is looking for votes, I thought it was a good list because I didn’t know some of the folks there. Here’s the article:  Best Podcasts on Social Media […]

TechCrunch Pitches Fit about Embargoes

Many PR agencies are out of control, pitching anyone and everyone multiple times for the same pitiful story. So TechCrunch, the hottest technology blog, is going to stop honoring embargoed information. Turns out, some of the agencies who are pitching under an embargo aren’t exactly honoring it themselves and the news is breaking elsewhere, often […]

7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hi, it’s Juliann.  Last week I was tagged in a meme that has been circulating around the Twitterverse.   The person who tagged me was Lisa Hoffmann, a PR gal from North Carolina who is just awesome, I might add!  I met Lisa through Twitter, she was of my first friends there @lisahoffmann (two n’s) :-).  […]