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Facebook Hack, Your Silence is Deafening

Over the last few months, we’ve been talking alot of social media applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, and all.  The discussion of security really did not get explored – and not because it’s not important because it is, but also because it really had not affected me personally yet.  Well this week it did.  My Facebook […]

Mixed Results for E-mail Open & Click-Throughs

New data from monster mail house Epsilon on e-mail open and click-through rates. We, too, are seeing a slow but steady decline in numbers as people’s in-boxes become weighted down with clutter and spam filters become more aggressive. But our clients’ averages are higher than those below. We look for open rates around 30+% and […]

Accountability and Finding Your White Space

Every day it seems that a marketing study is published about this or that. Just yesterday I blogged about a senior marketing study that outlined priorities and concerns for 2009.  Well, today I happened to find another couple interesting tidbits from a CMO meeting held in Chicago today. First and foremost marketing execs want accountability. […]

Marketers Call for Innovation, ROI, Research in 09

A recent study was published by MediaPost today that discussed what Senior Marketers are thinking about in 2009.  As I was reading it, I wanted to highlight some of the data and talk about it a bit.  Some of it rang true, other pieces did not.  Let’s see what you think as I break some […]