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Kids Say No to Engineering: We Can Only Blame Ourselves

I sat in on Dick Morley’s “Last Retort” panel at ISA Expo a few years ago. One of the big issues was the fading workforce in eng/manufacturing. I tend to look at things through a marketer’s eyes first, so I asked the audience (a very large room filled with engineers and manufacturing personnel) what they […]

Marketers See Economy Turning Around in 2010

The latest survey results from MarketingSherpa show that most marketers expect the recession to fade away in 2010. This is important because it looks like at least some of the financial crisis seems to be pure panic as opposed to actual markets tanking. Not to jinx us, but, as an outsourced marketing/web dev firm, we […]

Happy New Year! 3 Words for 2009

There’s a great discussion going on among the Twittersphere about a different approach to new year’s resolutions. Instead of making the usual noises about losing 10 pounds or cleaning your office, think more broadly about your goals, what you’ve learned so far, and what you can do to make a difference. Then come up with […]