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Google Owns 72% of US Search

Despite Google’s customer service blackholes discussed by Shari last post, it doesn’t seem to matter much on the search side.  In a new study that I read on BtoB Online, Google owns 72% of searches in the US, an 8% increase in February 09.  It’s sad how far behind all the other search engines are: […]

Customer Service Black Hole Costs Google Cold Hard Cash

Have companies pushed automation too far, to the point where customer service (if there is such a department) can take no responsibility? I’m sure we’ve all had experience with a voice mail system that never lets you get to a real person. Recently, Juliann talked about her run-in with Facebook and their less than stellar […]

Learning from Big Blue and Cisco Too

We are always looking for interesting B2B examples in marketing, and I have come across a couple of things I thought was worth sharing. First up, for a good laugh too, is IBM’s social media effort that I read about in a recent Brand Week article. Meet Mr. Fong, Mr. Wong, Ms. Song, and Mr. […]

One Touch Too Many

One of the things we talk about frequently to our clients is managing the overall “touch” plan for your outbound campaigns.  We find that many companies do not keep track of how many times they are touching a customer at any given point in time. In smaller companies it’s not such a huge problem, but […]