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Will Mobile Apps Drive Everything?

Came across a new Harris poll published in Center for Media Research about how consumers are feeling about technology.  I found some of the key facts interesting, but also it spoke about a larger shift happening and one we’ve talked about before:  Mobile applications.  Not only that, it highlighted that the idea of technology is […]

Twitter Usage Soars

All entrepreneurs dream of the hockey stick shaped growth curve. Twitter has now clearly hit that mark. According to ComScore Media Metrix, the number of visitors to increased by 131% from February to March 2009, reaching 9.3 million. Of course, now they need to add revenue and profits to make that curve really meaningful […]

6 Ways to Retool Your Marketing Budget

We’ve been talking about marketing budgets of late.  Seems to be a top of mind concern which is not surprising.  There are ways to be smart with your budget moving into the spring.  And those who are patient will have the last laugh because finally, you have the chance to be really noticed, because many […]