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Marketing Missteps

I’ve decided to start a series of posts about the little marketing missteps that can really turn customers off. The first topic is use of the word “solution” to describe your product or service. Merriam Webster defines “solution” as: 1: a: an action or process of solving a problem b: an answer to a problem: […]

What is Marketing?

I was at a WPI Venture Forum event last week and had an interesting discussion with another marketer. Well, I thought she was a marketer. But she insisted what I did and what she did were completely different. So you tell me, am I confused? This person came from a big agency environment. I forgot […]

Top Influences on Tech Buy Cycle

Just wandering through MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Buyers 2008-2009 report. Interesting data about the top influences on the buy cycle, broken out by stage. Not surprisingly, word of mouth, web sites, and search engines made it into the top for every stage. Note that word of mouth has been supplanted by manufacturer web sites in the […]