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Unhappy with SEM? Do You Really Know What You’re Doing?

A recent survey by tools developer X+1 (not to be confused with X1 the enterprise search tools developer) found that people are generally unhappy with the performance of their companies’ search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. I’m going to pick on X+1 a bit here, but only because they’re top of mind. My comments are generally […]

What’s Happening in Manufacturing Buy Cycles?

It’s a challenging time for selling anything lately.  We get that.  And we wanted to help get some answers about how companies in the automation industry can put their best foot forward and succeed despite the challenges out there.  So recently I had the opportuity to interview Julie Fraser from Cambashi, and recorded a podcast […]

Social Media in Industrial Automation

Thought you might be interested in seeing the presentation I gave at the ISA Leader’s Meeting in Indianapolis this weekend. We had quite the crowd, 50+ people. And some interesting discussions. I found it challenging to find different ways to explain my points to the couple of naysayers in the room! And just in case […]

Social Media IDs, Grab Them Now!

This morning I was catching up on some industry reading and started to read an article in FastCompany called The 5 P’s of Social Media.  Having the 5 Ps of Marketing drilled into me, this caught my attention.  The article was good, but one thing jumped out at me because it confirmed something I’ve been […]