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Gartner Releases Latest “Hype Cycle” Analysis

Gartner just released the newest version of its “Hype Cycle,” a quick look at the latest technologies and where they fall in terms of usefulness vs hype. Any new technologies you need to get up to speed on? How about “human augmentation?” Interesting to see cloud computing and e-book readers at the peak of inflated […]

Check out a TweetChat

If you are a Twitter user, one of the things you may want to experiment with are Tweet Chats or Twitter Chats.  They are organized discussions that focus on a range of personal and professional topics.  There can be hundreds participating in a chat at the same time, and it’s a fascinating way to “meet” […]

It Looks Like It’s a New Bull Market

We’re marketing gurus…not masters of world economics. But we know what to watch for when it comes to the ups and downs in our industry. We’ve heard a lot of talk that the economy is picking itself back up off the floor. And we are seeing some good news in manufacturers’ financials. So if our […]