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Marketing Insight: Top 5 Faves – week ending 2-19-10

This week’s top 5 faves are insightful articles that we hope will  help improve your marketing efforts – or at least give you a different view on it.  From SEO, to SMS, to social networking, I can pretty much guarantee that there’s something on this list that will raise an eyebrow or trigger a divine […]

Is the worst recession over for marketing?

Apparently, there could be some sunshine with blue skies in 2010.  This is a welcome relief for many of us, compared to the last time we blogged about marketing budgets.   In a recent Mediapost article that highlighted a poll by ANA, it seems that the worst of budget cuts are in the rear view […]

Trust who? Top Five Faves – week ending 2-12-2010

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day weekend! Last week was a whirlwind of news and information from Toyota recalls, to the starting of the Winter Olympics and more.  We even had a good blog discussion about potential B2B publishing models, feel free to add your ten cents. This week’s articles continue on the theme […]

What Happens to Communications Without the B2B Publishing Model?

The Internet has pushed hard on businesses and business models, in some cases upsetting entire industries. Case in point…publishing. Juliann recently wrote about the newspaper industry and their struggle to survive in a world of aggregated news content that’s freely available to anyone with a browser. Now we see the B2B publishing industry showing significant […]