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Top Five Faves week ending 3-6-10

This week’s top five faves covers a range of topics including discussion about the state of US manufacturing, email marketing, taking a page out of Domino’s book for true transparent marketing, and that MadLibs-style communicating may be alive in marketing!   Oh, and how could I forget about the great article about the management secrets […]

Podcasts in 2010: What do you want to hear?

We’ve been producing podcasts at Telesian for the last year or so, and this year we want to step it up a notch.  Sometimes our podcasts work hand in hand with an article we have written, and sometimes we produce more educational podcasts, like the one we just released  “PR in a Social Media World.”  […]

Local Newspaper Sites Most Valued for Local Info

Newspapers have really taken a big hit since the rise of the Web. Many struggle to find a way to compete against the enormous amount of free information sources online. A recent study by comScore, on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America, found that local newspaper web sites remain the most used and most […]

A Banner Year for Digital Marketing

The economy has been harsh for much of the last year and a half. In the last quarter, we can describe it as sluggish, at best. But 2009 was a banner year for digital marketing. The Internet and e-marketing tools allow us to reach out and engage prospects and customers efficiently and at lower cost […]