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E-mail Response Statistics

We won’t know how well our marketing programs are working unless we track results. Here is an interesting resource on e-mail response rates from the Marketing Online wiki. These numbers jive with other sources we’ve seen. Your campaigns should be producing results close to these…or better. If not, reengineer the campaign to improve performance. – […]

6 Steps to Developing Social Media Strategy

Social media is hot and for good reason. There’s a ton of activity on the social networks, public and private. Here’s a great overview designed to show senior management why we need to care about the new media: More and more, companies are working to find ways to participate in social media conversations. But there’s […]

Is BP missing their golden opportunity?

As the days progress with this oil spill, one thing keeps circulating in the back of my mind:¬† This could have been BP’s shining moment. But it’s not, and in fact, as every day passes, the brand perception of BP continues to swirl down the perception drain. Their CEO botched opportunities to build support and […]

Search Still Reigns Supreme

Social media may be getting a lot of attention these days, but search engines are still top dog when it comes to researching information about a branded product. Note I said “branded.” Even if the person knows the name of the company making the product, they start their search on a search engine. According to […]