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Summit Presentation: Take Your Search Engine Marketing to the Next Level 2010

Every year for the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit, I give an annual update on what’s happening in the world of search engine marketing.  I always find it interesting how much things change from year to year. This year social media is having an impact on search engine marketing, adding a new “real time” element to […]

Name Games: Syrup vs. Sugar…1830DX vs. PlantFloor Pro

Anyone who has been involved in naming anything knows how much thought goes into selecting that name.  I’ve facilitated many groups to help work through a naming process for a new brand, product, or service.   I’ve had some really great experiences and others where it comes to a grinding halt.  The problem often stems in […]

Summit Presentation: Building Detailed Marketing Profiles to Drive Better Sales

At this year’s ISA Marketing & Sales Summit, Scott Sommer and I tag-teamed again for the third year in a row to talk about the intersection of marketing and sales.  Since the theme for this year was “In Search of the Holy Grail:  Integrating Marketing and Sales” we put together a presentation that looked at […]