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Magalogs Work…Intense Wins Readership Award

Magalogs — part industry magazine, part product catalog — are one of the best lead generation devices for the technical markets. These self-published pieces provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a technology and target markets through info-packed, educational articles. Mixed in, just like an industry magazine, are opportunities for you to […]

Happy Holidays to our friends!

Bigger Pipelines Aren’t Always Better

One of the reasons I love Twitter is I get introduced to new people and thinking that I wouldn’t have normally known about.  One of those examples happened today, when I was reading my stream and @Ardath421 tweeted this article written by @bobapollo. Bob shared information from a recent webinar where Sirius Decisions published results […]

101 Marketing Charts to Share

In my email this morning, I came across this stack of marketing charts in PPT format that I thought was worth sharing. The slides were generated by HubSpot and is a compilation of three studies they conducted over the year. Some data points were interesting about email conversions, offer rankings, and social media stats.  With […]