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Branding for the Industrial Markets

We recently led a webinar for MCAA members that explored “Branding for the Industrial Markets.” I was happy to talk about this topic with industrial marketers, because industrial companies have historically been slow to adopt branding strategies. This discussion highlights the importance of branding at the corporate and product level and how it affects all […]

Losing the Love: Why People Unsubscribe, Unfollow, Unfriend

A study issued this week by Exact Target and Cotweet called “The Social Break-Up”  investigated the reasons why people unsubscribe, unfollow, or unfriend our email and social activities.  I always love seeing the reasons behind why things happen. I know why I do it, and wondered if it mirrored what the survey indicated. The study […]

Things to Consider Before Planning a Press & Analyst Tour

Getting in front of analysts, press, and industry bloggers is an essential part of any new, major product launch plan.  There are many advantages to doing this right, with the first and foremost being building relationships. We will explore how this process works and why it’s important activity to consider in your next launch plan. […]

Social Media Spending Report

In my morning’s email, Jeremiah Owyang sent out a new report that highlights what social media spending looked like in 2010 and how to plan for 2011.  I was surprised to see the average spending across companies (of all sizes) was $833,000. Of course, much of this spending was based on: The maturity level of […]