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Transforming Advertising & Promotion

We here are Telesian are frequently accused of obsessing about analytics. We are the first to admit it…we do! There’s an old adage, half of your marketing budget IS NOT working…the problem is, you don’t know which half. The only way to know is to examine the analytics of each campaign and keep tweaking to […]

Corning: Storytelling Through Video

We often hear that marketing departments need to be making more videos…and the pressure is on. What to create?  How to best tell the story? I came across this article on Mediapost about Corning’s recent video that tells a story about the future of glass, and it has skyrocketed in views on YouTube – almost […]

Social Networks For Businesses Selling to Scientists and Engineers

I ran across this article, 9 Social Networks Your Business Should Be Using, and did a double take. Those of us who focus on the technology and manufacturing markets would be greatly misled by this list: 1. Facebook, 2. Twitter, 3. Foursquare, 4. LinkedIn, 5. YouTube, 6. Quora, 7. Flikr, 8. Tumblr, and 9. Meetup. […]

Checking In With Your Social Media Program

I was recently asked to take a quick look at colleague’s social media program and render an opinion on my overall impressions of its effectiveness.  Mind you, the goal wasn’t to spend a lot of time investigating, but to give a cursory look and try to draw some conclusions.  The problem as I understood it […]