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Thought Leadership: Get Published

In response to our recent blog post, Building Thought Leadership: White Papers, Blogs, and More, we received an interesting bit of news from Vance VanDoren, PhD, System Integration Editor for Control Engineering Magazine. Trade magazines like Control Engineering are eagerly seeking informative material that will be interesting and useful to our readers in the industrial […]

The Impact & Value of Search Engine Rankings

Search is a cornerstone of the Internet economy and an essential part of the daily lives of many social and business users. According to a new study from McKinsey & Company, The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search, in 2010, the average US Internet user performed about 1,500 searches. That’s 4+ searches a day. Over the […]

The “Cost” of Social Media Incidents

As social media is being kicked into high gear across B2B companies, there has always been talk about “the cost of not doing it right.”  Well, I came across this article on MediaPost by Eric Sass that highlighted a study by Symantec that attempted to calculate the cost of social media incidents…incidents such as security […]

The New Automation Hot Spot: The ISA Interchange

A couple of weeks ago, the International Society of Automation launched their first social media effort to bring visibility to the worlds’ brightest minds in automation technology through the ISA Interchange.  As both Eoin O Riain and Jim Cahill have already pointed out, the ISA Interchange is meeting place for ISA members and automation technology […]