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Social is the New Norm: Social Media in 2011

Brian Solis shared some interesting statistics about the State of Social Media in 2011 and that it’s now a “new norm”.  In fact, its unlikely we’ll keep calling it “social media”, as everything will soon just have a social component to it.  I’ve noticed the hype around social media is dying down, which is a […]

Taking Your Search Marketing to the Next Level

Google’s algorithm is the one to watch when it comes to search engine rankings. But did you know this year’s major update, called Panda, turned a lot of rankings on their heads? Companies that had ranked well suddenly fell off the list. Find out more in this year’s ISA Marketing & Sales Summit 2011 SEO […]

How Prepared Are We For Customer 2.0?

Your buyers’ time is extremely valuable. In a recent survey of automation end-users, we found that buying teams are getting bigger. In fact, 4-5 people are now influencing the short list and purchase decisions, on average. And your customers are keenly aware of the challenges this presents as they want to reduce the buying cycle […]

In Memory of Steve Jobs, Innovator Extraordinaire

I briefly met Steve Jobs at the unveiling of Lisa Computer at the National Computer Conference (NCC) in Anaheim, California way back in 1983. He was a great salesman his entire life…then and now. Who else could turn the music industry upside down and convince the major labels to buy into Apple’s view of the […]