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WEBINAR 5/9: Leveraging LinkedIn to Prospect, Promote, Sell, & Succeed

Sponsored by ISA Marketing & Sales Summit… WEBINAR: Leveraging LinkedIn to Prospect, Promote, Sell, & Succeed May 9, 2013 12:00 PM EDT Can you sell products and promote company initiatives on LinkedIn? Did you know if a group manager takes action against your account in one LinkedIn group, you are now effectively blacklisted in […]

Botnet Warning to WordPress Bloggers: Change Admin User Name Now

Continuing on my spam topic mini-run, here’s an important notice for WordPress users. If you use the “admin” or “administrator” user name, change it now. Why? Because botnets are targeting WordPress accounts and, according to ZDnet, the worst is yet to come. A botnet is a network of hundreds, thousands, or millions of compromised computers […]

B2B Blogging: Anatomy of a Spam Comment

Blogs are an important tool for B2B marketing, as any inbound marketer worth their salt will tell you. They’re a great place to build credibility, demonstrate your brilliance on whatever topic it is that you want the industry to know you for, and start a bit of conversation flowing with some of the braver souls […]