Advance Program for 2013 ISA Marketing and Sales Summit Now Available

The program for this year’s ISA Marketing and Sales Summit looks great. An impressive array of expert speakers, starting with the September 11th plenary, “Social Media Marketing During a Crisis,” and ending with the September 13th Fireside Chat with Dick Morley, “What Does Pack Size Have to Do with Marketing?”
Download the Advance Program for the Summit.

Here are some sneak peeks at what’s coming in New Orleans, Sept 11-13, 2013…

Social Media Marketing During a Crisis: Boston Marathon Revisited

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 7:40pm. REGISTER TODAY.

MODERATOR: Jim Cahill, Chief Blogger, Emerson Process

– Jim Cahill, Chief Blogger, Emerson Process
– Joel Don, ISA Social Media Community Manager
– The one and only Dick Morley
– Christina Stephens, Communications Director, Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals

Amidst the horror of the Boston Marathon events this year, marketers ran into a problem that wasn’t helping the situation. It turns out there is no PAUSE or STOP switch for many of the auto-posting systems used for social media, press releases, e-mailings, etc. Many brands had tweets auto-scheduled to send throughout the afternoon of the Marathon. Unfortunately, those posts got in the way of the news many were trying to follow. Twitter, to the credit of its users, was the best source for much of the news as it unfolded. But without a PAUSE switch, brands were scrambling to stop their seemingly trivial posts one-by-one. Some of the Twitterati were also asking companies to stop sending press releases for the afternoon. This leads to a lot of questions — Should brands be given a pass on their auto-tweets / auto-posts during a crisis? Should brands be auto-posting at all or should all posts be people-driven?

PR101: Marketing Communications Master Class

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 1-5pm. REGISTER TODAY.

WORKSHOP LEADER: Walt Boyes, Editor-in-Chief, CONTROL Global, and Principal, Spitzer and Boyes

Walt Boyes presents a totally revised and updated version of his very popular PR101: Marketing Communications Master Class.
 This class is for both newbies to marketing communications (product managers, sales managers, and engineers who have been “promoted” into marketing), as well as those who have been involved in marcomm in the automation industry for awhile. Things have changed radically in the past decade, and YOU need to catch up.

This master class is specific to the automation industry and discusses:

– Marketing “bang for the buck”
– Integrated marketing
– Public relations in the automation industry
– How to place a press release
– Product releases and news releases
– Relationship building with editors, influencers, and thought leaders
– Social media: Inbound and outbound marketing — a cascade control loop
– Crisis management for automation companies
– Market research- making sure you really know what your customers are thinking and how they want you to communicate with them
– Metrics and measuring results

See you in New Orleans!!!

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