Affluent Hobnob on Social Networks

New data confirms what we already knew…Facebook is no longer for teenagers (much to the consternation of the teenagers, I’m sure!).

A new report from The Luxury Institute shows that the rate of affluent US Internet user participation in online social networks increased a to a whopping 60% in January 2008, from a mere 27% in January 2007.

According to The Luxury Institute’s latest WealthSurvey, “The Wealthy and Web 2.0,” on average, affluent US Internet users are members of about three online social networks and have 110 connections through these sites.

affluent on social netwoks the luxury institute

According to eMarketer, this demographic segment — defined as people with annual household income of $100,000 or above — represents a large and growing percentage of the US Internet population. In 2007, an estimated 25% of US Internet users were affluent, up significantly from 16% in 2001. eMarketer projects that this percentage will increase to 27% in 2011.

Nielsen Online said last year that nearly 30% of Facebook’s users came from households with at least $100,000 in annual income. Comparatively, 22% of MySpace users were from similarly-affluent households.

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