Altimeter’s 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Marketing

Of all the social networks, building a B2B presence on Facebook has its challenges.  Similar to LinkedIn, managing a Facebook page can feel like an echo chamber.  We know we need to be doing a better job in this area, so when this new report came out from Altimeter, I had take a closer look.  In it, they lay out 8 success criteria for successful business pages, and the report goes on to explain good examples of each. Unfortunately most of the examples are consumer-based, but this is who we have to learn from.  Consumer marketers have been more successful in this network than B2B, and we have to find ways to adapt an approach that works for our own markets.

The 8 Criteria included:

Source: Altimeter Group

When I first read this list, I didn’t see it as a surprise.  It’s focused on doing the basic blocking and tackling right for any social media strategy.  (had to get in a football analogy as the season is upon us…)  As with all things, the devil is in the details.  The hardest part for most B2B brands is getting comfortable with the idea of activating positive word of mouth comments through these networks.  We need interaction to help measure our progress and grow our members, but it requires reaching out first. Many companies do fear about getting negative feedback, and how that will “look”.   But this report talks about the various levels of engagement and interaction, and it can help shape goals for your Facebook page over the rest of 2010.

Here’s the report:

The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing

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