Avoiding Email Chaos

I stumbled over an interesting article about how companies manage their outbound email communications to their customers, partners, etc.  I was surprised to read how many companies manage this effort in a decentralized fashion.  “Some 24% of executives surveyed said six or more departments manage their e-mail messaging activities separately.”  Six or more departments?  Good grief.  24% is a low number, but applying the bell curve would suggest that the average no. of departments would be lower, but still decentralized. Bombarding your audience with various messages makes it hard for them to know what is important read, and once frustrated they will likely tune out on most of your email communications.   As marketers, we know this but sometimes it is not in our direct control.

The problem is that perpetuating email chaos will ding your brand reputation online.  The importance of maintaining a clean email reputation has gained in importance as our “opt-in” subscribers manage their subscriptions and deal with sneaky SPAM.

The article shared some good recommendations to avoid creating email chaos, all of which made good sense.  One recommendation that was interesting was for those emails promoting product specials tied to inventory.  It suggested to tie your email broadcast system to the inventory system so that it prevents you from sending emails when the inventory falls to a low point.  In concept, it sounded like a good idea. 

It also raises questions…how do you do that, what other software/systems/customization will we need to do that, how much will it cost, and on and on.  Even without the technology piece, it makes good sense to check on inventory levels before queuing up the next email blast.

If your company is struggling with managing decentralized email communications, then maybe its marketing’s job to bring the potential negative impact to someone’s attention.  It may feel like a hornet’s nest, but it just may save your company’s online reputation.

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