Branding for the Industrial Markets

We recently led a webinar for MCAA members that explored “Branding for the Industrial Markets.” I was happy to talk about this topic with industrial marketers, because industrial companies have historically been slow to adopt branding strategies. This discussion highlights the importance of branding at the corporate and product level and how it affects all part of a company. It’s not just a marketing problem, per say.

Some of the key points were tweeted during the webinar, including:

  • Branding help companies transition from a pure transaction model to a model that builds relationships  View Tweet
  • Good branding helps your customers reduce risk when making purchases View Tweet
  • Building strong brand preference increases rejection of competitor offerings  View Tweet
  • Good branding brings greater willingness to try product/svc, pay price premium, less sensitivity to price increases  View Tweet
  • Ingredient branding helps pull demand of a company’s brand through multi-levels of the channel View Tweet
  • Creating branding materials that support the buy cycle helps builds preference for your product/service during evaluations View Tweet

A big thank you to MCAA and the attendees; we had some great Q&A at the end. One question was just “How do I get started?” So as an off shoot to this webinar, we have published an e-book outlining the needed steps to kick off a branding program/strategy: eBook: Branding in the Industrial Markets.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 5.00.22 PM

In addition, here are the slides from the MCAA webinar:  Webinar: Branding for the Industrial Markets

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 5.06.58 PM

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