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Top Five Faves – week ending 3-26-10

This week’s top five faves’ is a mix of marketing favorites that I came across in the last 2 weeks.  We’ve  got a few strategic topics to consider, like taking a closer look at buyer personas, (something I’ve always wanted to explore further), along with understanding behaviors in the social web,  and how to handle […]

Top 5 Faves week ending 3-12-10

This week’s Top 5 Faves talks alot about what’s happening in social media, it includes an update on how the Fortune 500 are using social media tools, discussion around why social media policies don’t work, and the challenges the CNN President is having with social media in general.  Also, we added yet another discussion point […]

Top Five Faves week ending 3-6-10

This week’s top five faves covers a range of topics including discussion about the state of US manufacturing, email marketing, taking a page out of Domino’s book for true transparent marketing, and that MadLibs-style communicating may be alive in marketing!   Oh, and how could I forget about the great article about the management secrets […]

Marketing Insight: Top 5 Faves – week ending 2-19-10

This week’s top 5 faves are insightful articles that we hope will  help improve your marketing efforts – or at least give you a different view on it.  From SEO, to SMS, to social networking, I can pretty much guarantee that there’s something on this list that will raise an eyebrow or trigger a divine […]