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What’s Hot in Search Marketing?

Last week I gave a pre-conference webinar for the 7th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit. The topic: What’s Hot in Search Marketing? This is a continuation of my annual updates about what’s going on behind the scenes on the search engines and how that affects your rankings, for PPC and natural search. For those […]

Is ExxonMobil Greedier than the Government?

We’re doing some behinds the scenes research on what works in infographics. The point of these is to convey a slice of important data in graphical form so it’s a quick read and easy to digest. But what about the title? What influence does that have on your reading of the data? Did this title […]

Transforming Advertising & Promotion

We here are Telesian are frequently accused of obsessing about analytics. We are the first to admit it…we do! There’s an old adage, half of your marketing budget IS NOT working…the problem is, you don’t know which half. The only way to know is to examine the analytics of each campaign and keep tweaking to […]

101 Marketing Charts to Share

In my email this morning, I came across this stack of marketing charts in PPT format that I thought was worth sharing. The slides were generated by HubSpot and is a compilation of three studies they conducted over the year. Some data points were interesting about email conversions, offer rankings, and social media stats.¬† With […]