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The Damage HubSpot is Doing to Marketing

One of the first things I have to do in my graduate digital marketing classes is undo the damage created by HubSpot. HubSpot, which refers to itself as “a leading inbound marketing and sales platform,” insists that marketing = inbound marketing = digital marketing. That is wrong on so many levels. First, marketing is far […]

The Changing Nature of Sales & Selling

I have lots of friends who work in traditional sales roles. The interesting issue is that fewer and fewer have traditional sales titles. The ones that do — inside sales, telemarketing, field sales, sales rep, etc — have to work extra hard to overcome the bad vibes of the stereotype. Daniel Pink, author of a […]

Transforming Advertising & Promotion

We here are Telesian are frequently accused of obsessing about analytics. We are the first to admit it…we do! There’s an old adage, half of your marketing budget IS NOT working…the problem is, you don’t know which half. The only way to know is to examine the analytics of each campaign and keep tweaking to […]

Taking Charge of Your PR Program

So, if you don’t like the way your company is being portrayed in the media — maybe someone’s writing a tell-all book focusing on only the things your company has done wrong — then take your PR program into your own hands…like Clear Channel did. This from the Wall Street Journal: In 2005, radio-giant Clear […]