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Aligning Marketing and Sales

The theme for the upcoming ISA Marketing & Sales Summit “In Search of the Holy Grail: Integrating Marketing and Sales”, and the Summit is running a blogging contest to win a iPod Touch if folks blog about a topic relevant to the upcoming Summit.  So, here’s my “entry”… although I’m not really qualified to win..I […]

#Socialgraphics the new demographics?

I happened to listen in to a webinar last week by Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li from the Altimeter Group about “Understanding Your Customer’s Social Behavior” that highlighted emerging behavior characteristics that we are discovering in the social networking world.  The  days of targeting by geography, gender, age are taking a backseat now that virtually […]

Are messages heard in social media?

By now, most of the marketing people we meet in the B2B space are past the “try social media” hype and are looking for ways to integrate their offline and online marketing programs to work together cohesively.  If you are one of those people, then I have some good news for you today. Apparently, users […]

What’s Happening in Manufacturing Buy Cycles?

It’s a challenging time for selling anything lately.  We get that.  And we wanted to help get some answers about how companies in the automation industry can put their best foot forward and succeed despite the challenges out there.  So recently I had the opportuity to interview Julie Fraser from Cambashi, and recorded a podcast […]