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Planning an event or trade show or attending one?

A friend of mine, Gwyn Thakur, recently launched a new web site called which is a comprehensive information resource for trade show managers, event planners and even business travelers.  I had the unique opportunity to review this site in its early inception when it was focused just on the city of Boston, and it […]

Materials from the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit

We’re still recovering from the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit in Boston last week. It was the 4th annual event and, I think, the best ever. We had a great group of speakers from the automation industry, and engaged senior-level attendees from marketing and sales. It was 3 days of interesting conversations and idea exchange. […]

6 Ways to Retool Your Marketing Budget

We’ve been talking about marketing budgets of late.  Seems to be a top of mind concern which is not surprising.  There are ways to be smart with your budget moving into the spring.  And those who are patient will have the last laugh because finally, you have the chance to be really noticed, because many […]

Call for Presenters: 4th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit

You are invited to submit an abstract for the 4th Annual ISA Marketing and Sales Summit, sponsored by the ISA Management Division. The Summit will be held on 9-11 September 2009 in Boston, Mass. Abstracts should be submitted based on the Summit theme and topics. Abstracts should be 500 words or less and describe what […]