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Online Lead Gen Takes Priority

Just came across this post by eMarketer about a new report on online lead generation… Based on the quantity and quality of leads generated, companies said email was their best lead generation program, followed by live events, website registrations and webinars. The effectiveness of online channels, coupled with the fact that prospects indicate the web […]

E-mail Response Statistics

We won’t know how well our marketing programs are working unless we track results. Here is an interesting resource on e-mail response rates from the Marketing Online wiki. These numbers jive with other sources we’ve seen. Your campaigns should be producing results close to these…or better. If not, reengineer the campaign to improve performance. – […]

Effective E-mail Marketing Tactics

Spam filters, time of day, HTML formatting…there’s a lot to worry about in an e-mail marketing program. What tactics work best? In an excerpt from MarketingSherpa’s new Email Marketing Benchmark Report, we see relevant content leading the list. The business buying process is usually long and complex. So it is important to target your marketing, […]

E-Marketing Best Practices: Latest Research

A wealth of new research is out to help us fine tune our e-marketing programs, from the web site (the cornerstone of any e-marketing program) to search marketing to e-mail marketing to social media. How does your implementation compare with these best practices? • All important calls to action need to stay above the fold […]