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Marketing Budget Update

Marketing professionals across the globe are facing budget challenges, with the added pressure to grow business in this tough economic climate.  You can bet there is buzz going around, because new technologies are throwing curve balls to the best laid plans.  Last budget planning period, typically August – October looks dramatically different from today in […]

Reading Automation Market Tea Leaves via Search Marketing

The news is filled with depressing details about layoffs. So we thought we’d share a bit of uplifting data from the manufacturing sector. The industry turnaround may be coming faster than many anticipated. We talked with Vance VanDoren, Consulting Editor at Control Engineering Magazine and manager of the web site. Vance shared some interesting […]

Where’s Your Net?

It’s getting a little crazy out there.  Layoffs have been happening all over the place, and it promises to continue.  Marketer’s across industries are worried about their jobs and their companies, and this usually creates a little cultural paranoia in our every day business lives.  Everything becomes about revenue, where the dollars are coming from, […]

Blogs Influence Buying Decisions

Who knew? Really, there is an entire discussion around how all these Web 2.0 technologies influence the buying cycle, specifically of technology products.  There seems to be extra evidence surfacing that indicate technology products are well suited for blogs and influencing buyers. In yesterday’s BtoB Online, a report indicated: More than half of blog readers […]