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Magalogs Work…Intense Wins Readership Award

Magalogs — part industry magazine, part product catalog — are one of the best lead generation devices for the technical markets. These self-published pieces provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a technology and target markets through info-packed, educational articles. Mixed in, just like an industry magazine, are opportunities for you to […]

Stats on McCain vs. Obama Online

This straight from Jeremiah Owyang’s blog from last evening, I thought the statistics would be interesting to share today.  It shows how the 2 candidates (one soon to be President) stacked up in the social media spheres.   Clearly Obama outperformed McCain…and later will be the real telling answer in how successful this effort was: […]

Blogs Influence Buying Decisions

Who knew? Really, there is an entire discussion around how all these Web 2.0 technologies influence the buying cycle, specifically of technology products.  There seems to be extra evidence surfacing that indicate technology products are well suited for blogs and influencing buyers. In yesterday’s BtoB Online, a report indicated: More than half of blog readers […]

Ben & Jerry’s New Secret Ingredient?

I just had to share this article. The absurdity of the PETA organization never ceases to amaze me.  Who are the people and who spends time figuring this stuff out? Would you buy Ben & Jerry’s if this were true? This could either be a brilliant marketing opportunity or travesty…  Anything/anyone that would tamper with […]