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Using Social Networking to Boost Sales & Marketing

There’s a lot of upheaval going on in the social media realm. Google Reader is about to be retired (anyone got any recommendations on good “listening” tools?). Google is giving a little search ranking boost to those who use Google+ — maybe that will make G+ a relevant social network. LinkedIn has dropped LinkedIn answers […]

Is Google Making Us Stupid? A Marketer’s View

This isn’t just an attention grabbing headline. Something’s going on with the way our brains work and it’s especially prevalent with the younger generation. Is Google making us stupid? it’s a great question first asked several years ago by tech author Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic. Now he’s got a whole series of books on […]

Is ExxonMobil Greedier than the Government?

We’re doing some behinds the scenes research on what works in infographics. The point of these is to convey a slice of important data in graphical form so it’s a quick read and easy to digest. But what about the title? What influence does that have on your reading of the data? Did this title […]