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Social Media Guidelines: What We Can Learn from Apple’s “Oops”

If you mention the phrase “social media” in front of senior execs, don’t be surprised if the color drains from their faces. It’s a Gen Y-dominated world that many business managers just don’t get. Worse, there is a lot of fear about what can and can’t be said with respect to your employer. How do […]

Thought Leadership: Get Published

In response to our recent blog post, Building Thought Leadership: White Papers, Blogs, and More, we received an interesting bit of news from Vance VanDoren, PhD, System Integration Editor for Control Engineering Magazine. Trade magazines like Control Engineering are eagerly seeking informative material that will be interesting and useful to our readers in the industrial […]

How many videos did you watch last month?

In the process of researching information for an upcoming presentation, I came across this article about video growth and watching behavior that got my attention.¬† A recent comScore study showed that in the month of May, an average of 100 videos was viewed per viewer across all video sites. How many videos did you watch […]

Local Newspaper Sites Most Valued for Local Info

Newspapers have really taken a big hit since the rise of the Web. Many struggle to find a way to compete against the enormous amount of free information sources online. A recent study by comScore, on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America, found that local newspaper web sites remain the most used and most […]