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Invitation to Join ISA Marketing & Sales Group

At the last ISA Marketing and Sales Summit, the idea was introduced to set up a LinkedIn Group.  The intention was to provide a connection point for past and present attendees, and to open it up to all who are part of ISA’s marketing and sales community.  The good news is this group has been […]

Where’s Your Net?

It’s getting a little crazy out there.  Layoffs have been happening all over the place, and it promises to continue.  Marketer’s across industries are worried about their jobs and their companies, and this usually creates a little cultural paranoia in our every day business lives.  Everything becomes about revenue, where the dollars are coming from, […]

Beware of Frolleagues on LinkedIn

I guess the term has been circulating for a little while now, but a Frolleague is a colleague who sends a friendship request. I guess LinkedIn is not happy about the crossover of friends and professional relationships on their network. Here’s a bit of the article I found: LinkedIn claimed 47% of the UK’s web […]

Making Every Contact Count

The only way to really understand networking is to immerse yourself in the medium. Take Web 2.0, for instance, and the revolution we’re seeing in social media. First popularized by our kids, sites like MySpace and Facebook have millions of users. And now adults are networking through these sites as they sport sophisticated interactive technologies, […]