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What’s New: Inbound Marketing, Choice-Based Impressions, Content Marketing

It’s always interesting to watch marketing organizations and ad agencies scramble to apply the practices they preach to clients on their own businesses. –> Find a customer problem, provide a unique way to solve it, develop differentiated messaging, and spread the word. The big challenge in the 21st Century is that we have to figure […]

Thought Leadership: Get Published

In response to our recent blog post, Building Thought Leadership: White Papers, Blogs, and More, we received an interesting bit of news from Vance VanDoren, PhD, System Integration Editor for Control Engineering Magazine. Trade magazines like Control Engineering are eagerly seeking informative material that will be interesting and useful to our readers in the industrial […]

Facebook vs Google: What NOT To Do With Your PR Program

The Internet is a great theatre for confrontation. Doesn’t matter the size of the company — upstart or behemoth — there is plenty of room for wars. With all the eyeballs out there, even though they may not pay a big subscription fee for your service, they engage enough with pay per click ads that […]

Things to Consider Before Planning a Press & Analyst Tour

Getting in front of analysts, press, and industry bloggers is an essential part of any new, major product launch plan.  There are many advantages to doing this right, with the first and foremost being building relationships. We will explore how this process works and why it’s important activity to consider in your next launch plan. […]