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The Impact & Value of Search Engine Rankings

Search is a cornerstone of the Internet economy and an essential part of the daily lives of many social and business users. According to a new study from McKinsey & Company, The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search, in 2010, the average US Internet user performed about 1,500 searches. That’s 4+ searches a day. Over the […]

6 Ways to Retool Your Marketing Budget

We’ve been talking about marketing budgets of late.  Seems to be a top of mind concern which is not surprising.  There are ways to be smart with your budget moving into the spring.  And those who are patient will have the last laugh because finally, you have the chance to be really noticed, because many […]

The Measurability of Marketing ROI

Our November enews article, “The Measurability of Marketing ROI,” started a spirited discussion on Prentis Hall’s Industrial Marketing Practitioner discussion list.