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The Changing Nature of Sales & Selling

I have lots of friends who work in traditional sales roles. The interesting issue is that fewer and fewer have traditional sales titles. The ones that do — inside sales, telemarketing, field sales, sales rep, etc — have to work extra hard to overcome the bad vibes of the stereotype. Daniel Pink, author of a […]

Everyone Needs to Know How To Write with a Marketing Spin

Many of the marketing and sales techniques we take for granted were invented over 200 years ago by Josiah Wedgewood (yes, of Wedgewood china fame). The NY Times wrote an interesting article in 2009 about a sad event…Wedgewood’s bankruptcy. Josiah was an unlikely hero. He was the 13th child of an impoverished potter; a childhood […]

Why Groupon is NOT a Good Business Strategy

In a tight economy, most people love a good deal. Heck, I love a good deal even when the economy is purring. So it’s really no surprise that Groupon is taking off. According to their site: Groupon negotiates huge discounts—usually 50-90% off—with popular businesses. We send the deals to thousands of subscribers in our free […]

Bigger Pipelines Aren’t Always Better

One of the reasons I love Twitter is I get introduced to new people and thinking that I wouldn’t have normally known about.  One of those examples happened today, when I was reading my stream and @Ardath421 tweeted this article written by @bobapollo. Bob shared information from a recent webinar where Sirius Decisions published results […]